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  • Unlocking The Benefits of Super Visa Insurance in Canada

    Posted - 02-Sep-2023

    Canada has always been a magnet for tourists due to its breathtaking landscapes and multicultural society. Likewise, millions of individuals visit Canada yearly to reunite with family members, explore the great outdoors, or experience Canadian culture. Similarly, for those who plan extended stays,

  • Supervisa Insurance Hamilton

    Posted - 02-Oct-2020

    Most of the visitors to Canada allow them to stay up to six months when they enter Canada. If any regular visitor visa holder needs to stay for a more extended period, they need to apply for an extension with valid reason. Parents and grandparents have an opportunity to stay in Canada for a more extended time under the supervisa program. If you are Canadian or hold a Permanent Canadian cardholder, you can invite your parents under the Supervisa program.

  • Supervisa Insurance Mississauga

    Posted - 02-Oct-2020

    Supervisa Insurance Mississauga

  • Supervisa Insurance Calgary

    Posted - 02-Oct-2020

    Supervisa Insurance Calgary

  • Supervisa Insurance Ottawa

    Posted - 02-Oct-2020

    Super Visa Insurance Ottawa

  • COVID 19

    Posted - 15-Apr-2020

    Who would have thought 2020 would be a disaster for the world? -Who would have thought the Chinese new year would bring a Pandemic to the world and we would be on lockdown for days? -Who would have thought Tavel insurance for Candians will not cover Covid-19?

  • Super Visa Insurance for Canadian

    Posted - 24-Feb-2020

    As one might be aware, that until now, any person holding permanent residency status or have Canadian citizenship could sponsor his parents or grandparents to come to Canada and become permanent residents. This was known as the family class visa. This program went off efficiently until recent years when the number of applications under this scheme jumped exponentially. As a result, visa offices around the world started struggling to process them. So much so that, recent estimates suggested a backlog of over 1, 65,000 applications worldwide and processing time of approximately seven to eight years! Making it almost redundant.

  • Visitors Insurance in Brampton

    Posted - 16-Feb-2020

    Due to the extremely costly medical care in Canada, you have to take some steps before visiting this country to avoid wasting all of your money. The best option to save you from spending money on expensive healthcare facilities is about buying Visitors Health Insurance. If you have been in Canada for a short span of time, you will surely agree to the fact that it is not possible to get all health care facilities on your own. There are lots of company are available in the market, that provides the best Visitor Insurance in Brampton.

  • Super Visa Insurance Ontario

    Posted - 10-Feb-2020

    The Canadian government launched a new 'Super Visa' insurance obligation was created in November 2011, when the government announced that it would take action to cut the growth of permanent resident applications for parents and grandparents. With more than 1,65,000 parents and grandparents having applied for permanent resident (PR) status in Canada, application processing times were exceeding 7 years. The new 'Parent and Grandparent Super Visa,' is a temporary resident visa that is valid for up to ten years, depending on the time available in one's passport. If you are looking for Super Visa Insurance Ontario, there are lots of companies are available that provide the best insurance plan.

  • Super Visa Insurance In Brampton

    Posted - 07-Feb-2020

    If you are a Canadian resident and your parents and grandparents need to visit Canada, the super visa is one of the safest ways to ensure that their medical expenses all are covered while they travel or stay in Canada. Visitor Assurance, with its vast experience in Super Visa Insurance in Brampton and insurance in other cities of Canada or insurance of all kinds, in general, they offer you the easiest and the most reliable insurance plans. Make sure that your parents and grandparents are not left in the lurch in case of bad health or any medical emergencies. They also help you for choosing the best insurance policies for your parents and/or grandparents, so that you can rest easy, prepare well for their visit, and spend quality time with your family when your parents with you in Canada.

  • Get The Best Cheap Super Visa Insurance

    Posted - 31-Jan-2020

    If you have children and grandchildren that are settled abroad, you desire to visit them occasionally. In 2011, the Canadian Government offered a new insurance scheme that is called Super Visa Insurance. Super visa Insurance covers unexpected medical expenses while residing in Canada. It also pays up if you fall sick on a side trip, if you are the majority of the period is spent in Canada.

  • Emergency Health Insurance for Parents- Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan

    Posted - 04-Jan-2020

    Expecting your parents that are visiting any other foreign country, don’t forget to call in the insurance company to check for available health insurance options for your parents. There are lots of company are available that provide health insurance, if you are looking for Emergency Health Insurance for Parents then, they also provide emergency health insurance with accurate plans.

  • Why Super Visa Health Insurance is Most Important

    Posted - 21-Dec-2019

    Super visa a very beneficial way of traveling to Canada on a very short notice period of time, this visa is given only to parents and grandparents of Canadian citizenship or permanent residents. It helps many families to reunite with their elders. It is valid for 10 years and this is a multi-entry visa and rules out the renewing of visits to Canada every time. The super visa allowing to staying in Canada for a period of two years at once. Unlike the visitor visa which allows only a stay of six months.

  • What is Super Visa doing for the Canadian Economy?

    Posted - 16-Dec-2019

    Supervisa, what a great program offered by Canadian immigration since this program is launched, many families achieve their goals and uplift the living standards and contribute more to the Canadian economy.

  • Get the maximum Visitor’s coverage for parents with the Right Visitor Insurance

    Posted - 14-Dec-2019

    Whenever you travel to a different country, one of the first things is that you need to get a place is your visitor insurance. This is because in most cases, your insurance ceases are responsible for your claim and coverage in a foreign country. The risk will be increased multiple times when you are in a foreign place, still getting acquainted with the rules, you must consider visitor insurance to assure that you don't have to worry about medical costs which could overshoot your vacation budget 10 times without you ever having accounted for it.

  • Super Visa Insurance for Parents - All you need to Know

    Posted - 09-Dec-2019

    If you have children and grandchildren settled in abroad, you want to visit them occasionally. However, the enormous amount of documentation and approvals forces you to restrict it to a single or at the most two visits.

  • Visitor Insurance and the Benefits of choosing Visitor insurance in Canada

    Posted - 22-Nov-2019

    Canada is a very popular destination for tourists and travelers. Its stunning sights interactive features make for a special experience for traveler. There are also several opportunities for laborers and professional workers. Unfortunately, many things happen while traveling that may need a voyager to seek medical attention. From broken bones to unexpected illnesses, the human body is still vulnerable to harm even when on the road.

  • How important to have AD&D coverage in your visitor to Canada and Super visa insurance

    Posted - 30-Oct-2019

    We all love to travel. Travelling creates the memories in our life and we get the opportunity to do some adventures. But adventures always come with little amount of risk. We usually avoid thinking about accidental death and dismemberment. As we emotionally connected more with our loved ones so we avoid taking AD & D coverage. But it helps our dear ones to stay financially secure if an accident does happen while travelling.

  • Does your visitor to Canada emergency medical insurance cover side trips?

    Posted - 24-Oct-2019

    Are you planning to visit Canada??Worried about side trips coverage!!!Now you don’t need to worry as numerous companies provide medical insurance with side trip coverage. Life is uncertain so it is advisable to take visitor insurance plan. If you are visiting to another country then it is very important to take medical insurance plan. The medical services are very expensive in abroad. If your kids or grandkids are in Canada then definitely you will travel to the side by countries with your loved ones. It would be very wise decision to take medical insurance so that in case of emergency you won’t get out of pocket. You can get the medical insurance plan from anywhere but you need to check the coverage for side trips. In every plan side trip coverage is not available.

  • Think twice before taking deductible on emergency medical insurance for visitors

    Posted - 23-Oct-2019

    It is very mandatory to think twice before taking any decision. Same as if you are going for deductible and medical insurance then definitely think multiple times before taking any decision. Deductible is the amount which you need to need to pay out of your pocket in case of any medical emergency. Deductible is the specific amount that you can choose according to your desire and need. Deductible medical insurance works like a helping hand when you are in abroad. As we know that in Canada health cost is high worldwide. It is not possible for average person to get treatment without having any medical insurance plan.

  • How important is to call insurance companies before visiting the doctor on Super visa insurance for claims?

    Posted - 22-Oct-2019

    The super visa insurance is an option for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens to visit their family in Canada. You can stay in Canada for 2 years without renew the visa. It is very important to opt super visa insurance plan before visiting Canada. This supervise service has been started by government of Canada just for the convenience of parents or grandparents visiting to Canada. It is kind of multiple entry visa which is valid for 10 years.

  • Why deductible is so important for super visa insurance?

    Posted - 21-Oct-2019

    Confusing between deductible and non deductible plans……? Do not worry; we will clarify all the confusion regarding this. Deductible is a amount which you can select according to your wish and you need to pay this from your own pocket on every claim. You can select your deductible range by consulting with your insurance company as every company has different deductible range. For example you have chosen the deductible of $1200 and the claim amount is $3200 then you need to pay $1200 and rest of the amount that is $2000 that will get paid by insurer. This deductible plan helps you to save money on the total premium but the percentage of it varies in every company.

  • Why it’s important to read plan details before buying any insurance visitor to Canada policy?

    Posted - 17-Oct-2019

    Are you in hurry to buy visitor insurance to Canada?You can buy but before buying anything you need to check the each and everything related to that particular service or product. As a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. If you will check all the details in advance then you don’t need to regret later. We all know that visitor insurance is just for the safety of visitors to Canada.

  • Why Monthly Plans are Important for Super Visa Insurance?

    Posted - 16-Oct-2019

    Do you know why super visa insurance is most required before visiting Canada? Before knowing the requirement of super visa it is important to know what exactly it is and then we will come to the point of monthly plans. Super visa has been introduced by government of Canada in 2011 just for the wellness and safety of visitors to Canada.

  • Super Visa Insurance for parents

    Posted - 15-Oct-2019

    On the off chance that you are arranging a movement or a sound get-away to Canada, portray sure that it turns as your best time or a totally effective voyage, at that point super visa protection must be the need. Your adventure abroad should be completed of any spin and twirl, so super visa protection renders you in like manner.

  • Monthly plans for Super visa insurance

    Posted - 15-Oct-2019

    Canada has declared new Canada Super Visa for Parents and fabulous guardians of the individuals living in Canada. This progression has come after a gigantic build-up off applications for preparing of Parents and Grandparent Sponsorship visa for Family Reunification. This Super visa for Canada most extreme legitimacy will be 10 years.

  • Get the Best Super Visa Insurance

    Posted - 21-Sep-2019

    Are you in dilemma to choose the best super visa insurance provider? If yes then do not worry we will help you to make right choice. In the event that you are from a Visa excluded nation, (for example, the United States), your relatives can go to Canada, and stay here for as long as a half year at once without a visa.

  • Effective Method to Save Money on Super Visa Insurance

    Posted - 21-Sep-2019

    Since the dispatch of the Super Visa program in 2013, a great many Canadian natives and perpetual occupants have been getting a charge out of the open door welcome their folks and grandparents for a visit to Canada! If you are looking for super visa insurance then you need to consider many things to save money.

  • Get the Visitor Visa at Genuine Rates

    Posted - 27-Aug-2019

    Privileged insights to an effective guest visa application. Many individuals who are applying for a Canadian guest visa are anxious whether they will succeed. Will they get a visa? Will they get can't? All things considered, applying for a guest visa can be nerve-wracking. Visitor visa travel insurance is very mandatory to opt before travelling somewhere.

  • Benefits of Super Visa Insurance

    Posted - 27-Aug-2019

    Super visa protection is one of the fundamental necessities for getting a super visa. This visa is a term plan of sort for quick precursors of occupants of Canada. With this arrangement they can visit their youngsters for a time of two years without paying or apply for a visa each time they enter the nation. They can remain for a time of two years totally or they can visit on various occasions during the period.

  • Super Visa Insurance Cost

    Posted - 23-Aug-2019

    The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa is a 10-year, different passage visa for guardians and grandparents of Canadian Citizens or perpetual occupants that permits lengthy visits of as long as two years for every visit. The Super Visa is additionally accessible to visa-absolved guests.

  • Super Visa Insurance for Parents and Grandparents visiting Canada

    Posted - 23-Aug-2019

    Anybody applying for the Canadian Super Visa must show they've obtained private restorative protection that meets the Super Visa prerequisites, these necessities have as of late changed. Super visa insurance for parents and grandparents is very necessary before visiting to Canada. The majority of the Super Visa travel medical coverage cites you acquire today through insurance company will meet the accompanying prerequisites should you continue to purchase Super Visa health care coverage through insurance company.

  • It’s the Time to Stay Safe

    Posted - 08-Aug-2019

    In the event that your folks or grandparents are going from out of nation to visit you here in Canada, Super Visa Insurance is the quick and advantageous approach to guarantee that they can be secured during their lengthy visit in Canada. We know having your family come to Canada to visit is energizing, however make certain you remember the significance of having protection with the goal that you would all be able to make the most of your time together.

  • Get Entered into Canada with Super Visa Insurance

    Posted - 26-Jul-2019

    Super visa is a valuable method for heading out to Canada without prior warning; this visa is offered uniquely to guardians and grandparents of a Canadian native or a changeless occupant. It has helped numerous families to rejoin with their seniors. Every person looks for best super visa insurance before moving to Canada.

  • Super Visa Insurance: Compare Instant Quotes

    Posted - 13-Jul-2019

    People love to get settled in abroad because of the facilities available over there or to earn money. Might be your children or grandchildren are there in abroad. Some are there for studies and some are for getting settled down. Others have the plan to stay over there for few years and after doing lot of saving will be back.

  • Fulfil Your Dream to Study in Canada

    Posted - 03-Jul-2019

    Everyone dreams about to study in Canada. Canada is the country where approximately 175,000 students enrolled every year in top universities. And the maximum number of students is from foreign countries. But some students leave the hope to study in Canada while thinking of the cost of medical services.

  • Travel Safely With Visitor Assurance

    Posted - 26-Jun-2019

    Everyone loves to travel no matter from which country you are and to which community you belong. But to travel safely is more crucial. There are numerous companies which provide insurance to visitors and their main objective is to make the journey comfortable of their clients. Clients are the first priority for every business. No one has control over accidents or sickness so to take insurance plan is very must.

  • Super Visa Insurance will never let your dreams shattered

    Posted - 12-Jun-2019

    Are you searching for Super Visa insurance plans to visit your kids or grandkids in Canada? Do you want medical coverage in Canada?

  • Visitor Medical Insurance in Brampton

    Posted - 15-May-2019

    It is not a surprise for Bramptonians that their city Brampton is not only awarded for it floral beauty but also designated as one of the most International Safe Communities in North America by WHO.

  • Don’t Give Reasons to Insurers to Deny your Claim

    Posted - 15-May-2019

    Don’t Give Reasons to Insurers to Deny your Claim. There is a myth that insurers routinely deny claims: This is a general feeling among masses that insurers honor claims of those only who fight back. The fact of the matter is that 90% of all the travel insurance claims submitted are paid.

  • What if you do not buy a Travel Insurance Policy?

    Posted - 15-May-2019

    what a great piece of wisdom. Every year, I prefer to go to a place where I have never been before and during one of my trips I realized that traveling with no regrets also means not to have “what ifs”. No doubt, adventure lies in uncertainty but NOT in the fear of losing one’s financial independence.

  • Do You Need a Super Visa Insurance?

    Posted - 15-May-2019

    Need to visit your grandkids in Canada this year? Do you wish there’s an easier way to visit and stay longer without the need to renew your visa? Since 2011, the Super Visa program has been providing help for people who need to visit their children or grandchildren in Canada. It is a multiple entry visa which lets parents and grandparents visit up to two years.

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