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How important is to call insurance companies before visiting the doctor on Super visa insurance for claims?

The super visa insurance is an option for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens to visit their family in Canada. You can stay in Canada for 2 years without renew the visa. It is very important to opt super visa insurance plan before visiting Canada. This super visa  service has been started by government of Canada just for the convenience of parents or grandparents visiting to Canada. It is kind of multiple entry visa which is valid for 10 years.

Fulfill the eligibility criteria

You can not apply for super visa insurance until or unless you haven’t your kids or grandkids in Canada. It is very important that your kids should be resident or citizen of Canada. If you haven’t the same then you are not eligible for the super visa plan.

Choose the company for super visa carefully

The next step after fulfilling the eligibility is to choose the company. You need to choose the company very carefully. Every company provides the different coverage for the claims. The company with maximum coverage will be the right choice. You can compare the quotes and accordingly take the decision.  It is mandatory to take one year plan.

Abreast the changes to insurance company

This is the most essence point to keep the insurance company informed about any changes. Like if there are any changes in the arrival date then you should inform. Each and everything you need to inform as at the end they will provide you the claim coverage.

Why it is important to inform insurance company

Now this question arises that why it is important to inform insurance company before visiting the doctor. It is important as insurance companies have tied up with some specific hospitals. If you have visited the doctor with whom company has no tie up then company is not liable to provide you the insurance claim. Sometimes this creates the misunderstanding between client and company. Ultimately we start to blame company. This is the reason it is important to inform insurance company before visiting the doctor.

If you will inform the insurance company in case of emergency then they will complete the all formalities online. When you will visit hospital then you no need to worry about the formalities and to deposit the amount required for treatment. As they already have tie up with the company so they discuss each and everything with your insurance company. You have no role between them and all the things get resolved between insurance company and hospital. Every country has different formalities to provide the services. So you don’t need to get indulge in the foreign process. If you will inform to the super visa insurance company before visiting the doctor then you will get the complete claim coverage. In some cases if you are not informing your company about the visit to doctor then chances to get claim coverage get reduced.

So if you want to claim full benefits then you need to abreast your company about changes. It helps to save your money and time too.

Why Pankaj Bhatia?

Pankaj Bhatia is one of the best Canada based company for super visa insurance services. They have most of the non deductible plans. They have non-deductible plans on discounted rates as well. It is well known for providing best super visa insurance services.  They provide the full transparency to their clients about plans and claim coverage.

So it is the time to take wise decision. If you are thinking to take super visa insurance plan or you are in Canada then don’t forget to inform your insurance company about your visit to doctor.

Don’t think twice! Opt super visa insurance plan & don’t forget to inform any changes to your insurance company.

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