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Why Monthly Plans are Important for Super Visa Insurance?

Do you know why super visa insurance is most required before visiting Canada?

Before knowing the requirement of super visa it is important to know what exactly it is and then we will come to the point of monthly plans. Super visa has been introduced by government of Canada in 2011 just for the wellness and safety of visitors to Canada. It is a multiple entry visa that is valid for 10 years and permitting the parents and grandparents to stay in Canada up to two years without the need to renew visa. Now it is one of the most famous plans among immigrants to Canada. Initially it was not that much famous among immigrants but as of now due to the difficulties facing in Canada after visiting it has become the most essential requirement of visitors. Even they also don’t prefer to visit without super visa insurance.

Monthly plan requirement

Monthly plan has been introduced so that you will not get out of pocket. As we know that before visiting to Canada you need to take at least 1,00,000 insurance. Sometimes we are not in condition to make a payment collectively. For that monthly payment plan has been introduced. In this plan basically you need to pay 2 months advance payment and the company will charge some processing fee. The processing fee varies from company to company. After entering into Canada your monthly payment will get started and that will get deducted through credit card only. In case of super visa insurance you need to inform the arrival date to your concerned company.

Eligibility for super visa insurance

Everyone is not eligible for super visa insurance . If you are planning to apply for super visa insurance then you must be a parent or grandparent of Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Dependents on Canadian citizens can not apply though spouse or law partners can apply. If you are not any of these then you are not eligible to apply.

Super visa insurance keep you secure in Canada. As we know medical services are very expenses in Canada. It is not easy to bear the cost of medical expenses in Canada. Even the permanent citizen of Canada opt the health insurance plans to get treated in case of any health issues. So it is advisable to get super visa insurance plan until you get eligible for provincial health plan.

Consider following points before buying the super visa insurance

Before buying the super visa health insurance plan you need to take care of many things like child or grandchild should be able to meet the minimum income requirements. It is essential because parents or grandparents are not eligible to work so he/she should be in condition to meet the income requirements. Super visa insurance should be opt from Canadian insurance company. Medical insurance is one of the upmost requirements to get super visa insurance.

These are some points you need to consider while applying for the super visa insurance. Under super visa insurance you will get the medical services like recommended drugs by physician, dental issue coverage, and coverage for pre existing conditions. You will also get the coverage for side trips like in United States and Mexico. So this is the one plan with multiple benefits. If you are worried about your parents and grandparents then definitely you should go for the super visa insurance. But before purchasing any super visa plan you need to look into the benefits. Pankaj Bhatia is well known Canadian based company for best super visa plan with maximum benefits.

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