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What if you do not buy a Travel Insurance Policy?

what a great piece of wisdom. Every year, I prefer to go to a place where I have never been before and during one of my trips I realized that traveling with no regrets also means not to have “what ifs”. No doubt, adventure lies in uncertainty but NOT in the fear of losing one’s financial independence. You do lot many things like buying a good camera, comfortable clothes, first aid kits etc. to make your travel a memorable experience but often miss on buying Travel Insurance. Do you know why we skip to buy it??…Just because we take things for granted. Have you ever thought that there are many situations which, despite our best efforts and planning can go hay wire? Herein I will like to give you certain scenarios of “what ifs”–à

  1. You have to cancel your trip because of XYZ reasons. (Sickness)
  2. Your flight is delayed or cancelled. (Bad Weather)
  3. Because of delayed flight you miss your connecting flight. (Security Checks/Interruptions)
  4. A natural calamity like hurricane or earthquake destroys your dream destination.
  5. Terrorism is a reality and we all get affected by that. (November/2015 Paris attacks)
  6. You need emergency medical evacuation.
  7. Baggage is lost in transit.

The list is endless and the situations mentioned are not imaginary, they happen on routine basis, but still we ignore to purchase a travel/visitor insurance policy. Ideally buying a Travel Insurance Policy should be our top most priority because it is the most prudent investment you as a seasoned traveler must opt for and Travel Insurance is the only thing which saves you from becoming a pauper. To give you a clear perspective I will tell you a real life experience—-Last year, one of my friends’ mother came to visit Canada from India and despite my insistence Reena (Name changed) did not buy the visitor insurance for her mother just on the pretext that her mom is here in Canada for a month only and she is hale and hearty, unfortunately, we humans cannot see the future and you know what? Her mother got a massive heart attack…the emergency hospitalization, surgery and all other medical costs were enough to force her to sell her home. She is now living in a basement. The story does not end here…she is still paying monthly instalments towards those emergency medical expenses. As a result, her daughter had to leave her school to help her mother (My friend) to make ends meet. So, who wants to be in Reena’s shoes?? Definitely no one will like to be in that dreaded situation. I am sure hearing this story you must have been thinking, “I wish she had purchased the travel insurance policy”. As James Douglas has said that care should not start in the emergency room…. Means we should be well prepared for any eventuality including medical emergencies. Buying Travel Insurance should not be an option rather it must be a top most priority before taking the first step of your journey. For expert advice contact your online trusted site Pankaj Bhatia  (905) 624-2244 .

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