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Super Visa Insurance: Compare Instant Quotes

People love to get settled in abroad because of the facilities available over there or to earn money. Might be your children or grandchildren are there in abroad. Some are there for studies and some are for getting settled down. Others have the plan to stay over there for few years and after doing lot of saving will be back. But parents whose children are there in abroad face lot of difficulties as they can’t meet them easily and sooner. But now there is good news for parents or grandparents whose kids are citizens or permanent residents of Canada. Government of Canada has launched super visa insuranceplan in 2011. It is the most popular plan among all Canadian citizens and immigrants.

Because this super visa insurance plan is a multiple entry visa. It is applicable for 10 years. The best thing of this plan is that you don’t need to renewal this up to 2 years. And you can get this plan very easily. While travelling

Super visa insurance is the best policy to ensure the safety of your parents or grandparents. It is valid for 10 years and you don’t need to renew it. To travel safely and to roam tension free in Canada super visa insurance is the best plan. We all want that our parents stay safe. Parents are worried about their kids and kids are worried about their parents so ultimately we all require is safety. Before super visa insurance people used to think that if their child moved to abroad then they won’t be able to meet him/her for many years. Just to finish this thinking and grievance Canada government has introduced this plan. Now it is very easy for parents or grandparents to visit their children in Canada.

It is easy to get Super Visa Insurance

In past people mostly used to sponsor their family. There is also limitation that you can sponsor in your blood relation. And the process after getting sponsor was very hectic. And there was lot of paper work to get the file accepted. Under super visa insurance all the process is very easy and straight forward. But to get super visa insurance it is very necessary that your child should be citizen or permanent resident of Canada and he/she should be able to meet the minimum requirements of income threshold.

So in this way we can say comparatively super visa insurance plan is far better. Now you don’t need to visit your agent again and again and to waste your time. You can opt the super visa insurance plan because process to get is very easy. Under super Visa insurance plan you get medical insurance as well along with Visa. You all will be aware that in Canada medical services are very expensive. It is not easy to take treatment in Canada without health insurance. In Canada medical services are very expensive worldwide. So while applying for super Visa insurance it is the requirement that receiving person should meet the minimum income requirements. Because in case of emergency person should be able to bear the expenses.

Medical emergencies 

Life is uncertain. You never know what will happen on the next step. So in case of any emergency it is not possible that you have the enough cash to get treatment.  This is the reason that insurance has become the integral part of our life. Every country has different medical schemes and expenses also vary from country to country. In Canada all citizens have medical insurance plans. Even they don't prefer to take treatment without having medical insurance plan.

In Canada even if you are consulting with doctor then normal fee is $50 and this is the minimum level. Maximum fee can be any number depends on the disease. So it is better to opt insurance plan. To take insurance plan means that you are saving your hard earned money and without insurance plan treatment means you are wasting your hard earned money. Government planned these kinds of policies just to provide convenience to their citizens. Country develops with their citizens so it is necessary that every citizen should be healthy. If people of the country will be healthy and will feel safe then country can grow. Medical is the first requirement of every citizen. And it is very necessary for every country to provide best medical services instead of expensive treatment and if treatment is expensive then there should be insurance plan that can help them to reduce financial burden.

Why Super Visa Insurance?

There will be one common question in everyone’s mind that why we should choose super visa insurance plan? There are two reasons of this – first is you get the visa for 10 years and you can stay for continuous 2 years without the need of renewal it. Second benefit is that under this plan you get some medical facilities and other benefits like citizen of Canada. In short your parents or grandparents become eligible to get entered into Canada for multiple times. Now these days every parent or grandparent is taking this plan if they are planning to move to Canada.

Specification of Super Visa Insurance

We all have heard that generally when parents visit to their kids or grandkids in Canada then firstly they are allowed to live for 6 months only. And in case if they wish to stay longer over there then they are supposed to pay new fee to live over there.

But if you are applying for super visa insurance then you don’t need to renew it after 6 months and also don’t need to pay anything extra. In this plan you can directly get the eligibility to stay in Canada up to 10 years and continuous for 2 years without need to renew it. It is multiple entry visa. There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill before getting the super visa plan.

Major difference between Visitor Insurance & Super Visa Insurance

Few benefits of visitor insurance and super visa plan are same. Under visitor insurance plan you get the medical and traveling facilities for period of 6 months and under super visa insurance plan firstly you need to pay lesser fee as compare to visitor insurance and you can visit Canada for many times (Up to 10 years). Government of Canada issues visas very normally. Client does not need to bother as much.

Also client gets the coverage for medical services like dental treatment, surgery and emergency operation etc. before applying you can check with your travel insurance company that what services they are providing in the plan.

Who can apply for this?

If you are planning to move to Canada for further studies or you are planning to visit Canada on tourist visa or want to meet any of your relative then you are not eligible to apply for Super Visa Insurance plan . Only parents or grandparents of Canadian citizen or permanent resident are eligible for this plan.  A single person visiting for some specific purpose cannot take super visa insurance plan.

This is the foremost condition that there should be your kids or grandkids and they should be able to meet minimum level of income otherwise you won’t be able to apply. Without fulfilling this condition you can’t even think to apply for super visa insurance.

How to apply for Super Visa Insurance?

To apply for super visa insurance almost process of every company is same. There can be very little differences. You can apply for super visa insurance plan as follows:

Firstly you need to select the coverage of policy like you want single coverage or couple plan.

After the selection of plan you need to fill your date of birth. You can also fill your age. It is optional you can fill date of birth either age in numbers.

Then you need to fill start date of your plan like from which date you want to start your plan. Now fill the end date means on which date approximately you will be back. And fill the total days of your duration in Canada.

Next step you need to select your coverage amount. You can select 1, 00,000, 1, 50,000, or more than that. But minimum coverage of 1, 00,000 is required.

At the end you will get the option that would you like to cover your pre medical conditions or not. In pre medical conditions hypertension and diabetes are included.

You will get the highlighted button mentioned get quote.


Now government of Canada has announced that if you want to visit to Canada then to opt Super Visa Insurance plan is must. Government understands that any time you can face financial strain and medical emergency so to cope this situation this plan has been designed. Till the time parents are waiting to get permanent residence till the time then can opt other health plans from private insurance companies like medical insurance plan and visitor insurance plan. If they will not take any plan then it can create the financial strain. There are many companies worldwide who provide super visa insurance plans. Pankaj Bhatia is also one of them Canada based company. So plan safe trip to Canada with best super visa insurance plan.

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