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Why Super Visa Health Insurance is Most Important

Super visa a very beneficial way of traveling to Canada on a very short notice period of time, this visa is given only to parents and grandparents of Canadian citizenship or permanent residents. It helps many families to reunite with their elders. It is valid for 10 years and this is a multi-entry visa and rules out the renewing of visits to Canada every time. The super visa allowing to staying in Canada for a period of two years at once. Unlike the visitor visa which allows only a stay of six months.

The main criteria for applying for super visa health insurance , which should be bought only from private Canadian companies only. Canadian medical care and hospitalization service are too expensive for non-residents, so it’s better to buy insurance instead of spending your money on your unexpected health issue. The medical insurance should be valid for a period of one year and should give coverage of $100,000 minimum.

The super visa health insurance also covers the hospitalization, cost of treatment by physician or surgeon, cost of x-rays and other diagnostic tests, covers emergency room charges and also covers the cost of prescription drugs. Return money of the person to the place of origin and even the remains of the person in case of death.

Benefits of health care program that you have chosen for yourself that is explained in detail below:

You have to carry all the documents especially the documents of your medical history for which you want to be insured. You will be able to get the benefit by a super visa if you carry their card with you that will be issued to you. Make sure to gather all the essential documents of health insurance, so in case of some emergency, you will not have to run for the papers and can undergo treatment without any delay. We all know the conditions of the hospitals if you have health insurance you will not face much of the problems, as Super Visa provides health insurance of the well-known hospitals that are known for their services since years.

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