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Do You Need a Super Visa Insurance?

Need to visit your grandkids in Canada this year? Do you wish there’s an easier way to visit and stay longer without the need to renew your visa?

Since 2011, the Super Visa program has been providing help for people who need to visit their children or grandchildren in Canada. It is a multiple entry visa which lets parents and grandparents visit up to two years. And what’s even better is that there’s no need to renew. As long as you meet the requirements and you are ready and fit to do so, you’re on your way to a family reunion in no time.

What to watch out for when shopping for your Super Visa medical insurance

As long as you can provide proof that your child or grandchild in Canada has met the minimum income level for Super Visa approval and that they have comprehensive Canadian insurance, then you may apply for your Super Visa.

This visa application also requires you to undergo immigration medical examination. This is to make sure that you are fit and healthy to travel.

A comprehensive medical insurance is needed to apply for a Super Visa. And to get the best package that’s perfect for your needs, remember the following:

Get comprehensive insurance coverage of 100,000 or more with a minimum policy coverage of a year. This will ensure that you are covered for any kind of medical condition or accident that could happen while you are on your trip.

Make sure that the date of effectivity of the medical insurance should be the date of arrival of the parent or grandparent in Canada. Any changes in the arrival date should be consulted right away to the insuring company.

In case the parent or grandparent choses to leave the country before the expiry of the insurance coverage, a refund of the total of the remaining days will be provided.

Parents or grandparents who have existing medical conditions like hypertension or diabetes may still be eligible for insurance coverage as long as their condition has been adequately controlled.

For an extension of the policy, in case the parent or grandparent wishes to stay longer, they may purchase a new policy eight days before the expiry date of the current policy.

Pankaj Bhatia is one of the pioneers in providing comprehensive Canadian insurance for people who wish to visit the country. Contact Pankaj Bhatia now to find out more about their Super Visa insurance and to get a free quote!

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