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Supervisa Insurance Calgary

Super Visa Insurance Calgary

Every year, close to 40 million people come to Canada to discover all the possibilities our country offers. The many reasons for their visits to Canada include:

The vast majority of Canada visitors need full emergency medical insurance coverage for all or part of their stay. If you are one such Visitor, you will not be covered by provincial health insurance plans. All the Visitors, including Supervisa holders seeking care who are not covered and not eligible for the public list, are charged the fees set by health professionals, which will be very high. Moreover, many clinics and hospitals will charge close to $1,000 when a visitor to Canada visits the emergency department with no health insurance.

Luckily, it is straightforward to take out a complete and very affordable medical insurance plan to cover your stay in Canada. All the Medical services such as Hospitalizations, Surgeon fees, and Prescription drugs will then be paid by the insurance companies based on your selected coverage level. That's the easy way to protect your visitors from the medical bills related to an accident or unforeseen disease that could strike while you are in Canada.



Our insurance plans for visitors to Canada protect against emergency medical expenses that could arise during your parent's and grandparents' stay. Emergency medical insurance includes doctor consultation fees and visits to the walk-in clinic or a hospital. Air ambulance coverage in an emergency is your best assurance that you are not left with your arrangements if your health status prevents you from staying in Canada. 

Dental coverage in the event of an accident and pain relief is additional protection, keeping in mind the high dental care cost in Canada. If your stay in Canada is temporary, these medical insurance plans will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Visitor Assurance ensures that the basic met for all the Superivsa insurance hunters. We can proudly say we are the primary choice of Calgary residents. Calgarians are getting the lowest possible quotes instantly from our get quote calculator. 

If you are looking for the best and affordable Supervisa insurance, use our premium calculator by doing the following steps

  1. Select single or couple coverage
  2. Enter age or Date of births
  3. Select Arrival date
  4. $100,000 coverage selected by default change if you need more coverage
  5. Select Coverage for Pre-existing (Yes or No)
  6. Click Get Quote Tab

You will see an instant quote from all major Canadian insurance companies such as Manulife, GMS, Destination Canada, Ingle Assurance, Travelance, Travelshield, Allianz, Tugo and Berkley. Choose deductible to save upfront up to 45%. Monthly plans for supervisa insurance are becoming popular for Calgary Residents. You can also pay Supervisa insurance cost monthly. Not all the companies offer monthly plans; monthly plan companies highlighted with a monthly premium.

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