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Fulfil Your Dream to Study in Canada

Everyone dreams about to study in Canada. Canada is the country where approximately 175,000 students enrolled every year in top universities. And the maximum number of students is from foreign countries. But some students leave the hope to study in Canada while thinking of the cost of medical services. Worldwide medical services in Canada are very expensive. It is not easy to take treatment over there without having a health insurance policy. Now you don’t need to sacrifice your dream to study in Canada because a number of companies are there in the market who provide international student insurance services.

Study in Canada

If you are not aware of this then I would like to let you know what precisely International Student Insurance is. It is kind of Visitor to Canada insurance which is mainly designed for students who are perusing their studies in Canada. The major purpose of this insurance is to provide protection to students against the financial burden arising from unseen medical emergencies. So they can focus on their study without any worry.

Why you need it?

International student insurance is necessary to opt because foreign students are not eligible for state or provincial health plans. So it is crucial to get medical insurance from any private insurance company especially plan designed for students. In Canada, it is not easy to take medical services without an insurance policy. Even Canadians don’t prefer to take treatment without having a health insurance plan. In study phase, even you can’t work more than 20 hours so it becomes difficult to manage all expenses. So to avoid financial burden it is mandatory to opt international student insurance plan.

Points You Need to Consider Before Opting Plan

While choosing to plan you need to consider many things. Because every plan has different coverage, so it is necessary to check what type of coverage, they are provided in the selected plan. Keep in mind following given points before choosing any plan for you:

Pankaj Bhatia

Pankaj Bhatia is one of the leading brokerages based in Canada providing best Visitors to Canada, Travel and International students insurance plans. Pankaj Bhatia is well known for its quality of services and transparency with clients. The best thing of Pankaj Bhatia which attracts clients is that it has non-deductible plans. Very lesser number of plans is deductible and deductible plans are available at discounted rates.

Benefits of choosing Pankaj Bhatia’s website for International Student Insurance

Pankaj Bhatia provides many special offers to their clients in international student insurance plan like

Same as there are specific coverage available under the International Student Insurance plan like in case of any emergency dental repair facility, medication prescribed by the doctor, services of the surgeon, osteopath, removal of wisdom tooth and chiropractor services and many more. So, if you are thinking about to study in Canada then you don’t need to sacrifice your dreams. Pankaj Bhatia is here to give wings to your dreams. Education is the right of every citizen and to provide safety while studying is Pankaj Bhatia’s duty. Just opt the International Student Insurance plans and fulfil your dreams safely with us.

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