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How important to have AD&D coverage in your visitor to Canada and Super visa insurance

We all love to travel. Travelling creates the memories in our life and we get the opportunity to do some adventures. But adventures always come with little amount of risk. We usually avoid thinking about accidental death and dismemberment. As we emotionally connected more with our loved ones so we avoid taking AD & D coverage . But it helps our dear ones to stay financially secure if an accident does happen while travelling.

If we are travelling to any country and we don’t have accidental death and dismemberment coverage then in case of any miss happening we can be out of pocket. There is always a probability to become disabled or unfortunate death while travelling. The benefit of AD & D is that it pays the lump sum amount according to the policy specification. Mostly all the insurance companies credit the amount directly into beneficiaries account. This amount helps you to get the further treatment and also provides the financial relaxation.

In general, the coverage for death claim is full and in case of dismemberment benefit depends on the percentage of loss and it keeps on increasing if there is multiple losses. Most of the companies have three types of AD&D plans.

AD&D in flight accident

Flight accident AD&D coverage is related to air travel. Under this policy if any injury happens during riding, boarding and exiting an aircraft. Any injury which is resulted on your travel in aircraft will get claim. On the other hand if you are in non flight portion then you will not get any benefit of the plan.

Carrier AD&D

This plan provides the coverage for general incidents like you are travelling in aircraft, ship or cruise. You will get the coverage for incidents occur during your travel on these. Rest you can discuss with your insurance company.

24*7 AD&D

Under this plan company insure your trip from the time you are leaving for your trip and till the time you return to your home. This 24*7 coverage take care of you all the time for travel accidents that can lead to death or permanent disability. This is the most recommendable plan now these days.

What coverage you will get?

Generally AD&D provides the coverage which is resulted from following:

What is not covered?

This AD&D do not provide coverage for repatriation of remains. This falls under a separate plan like travel medical insurance plan. Also if insured person commit suicide internationally then insurance company is not liable to provide the benefits to beneficiary. Same as if insurer got heart attack while driving and it results into car crash then it is also not covered under plan. Following are some other points which are not covered under the plan:

Voluntary AD&D

Voluntary accidental death and dismemberment insurance is the benefit given by employer to the employees. Some companies are worried about the injuries of their employees like mining and construction industries. So they offer this plan to their employees and premium is based on the insurance amount. These plans used to renew periodically with revised T&C.

These are some of the important things you need to take care before applying for AD&D.  AD&D insurance is best for those who used to work in a high risk profession like in mining or construction. It is also ideal for the people who used to travel very frequently. But to qualify the benefits of this plan, the loss must be result of an accident. There are many other plans also available that provide the coverage for dependent children and spouse. This contains some conditions like if you do not have spouse then each of the dependent child will be insured for specific percentage of your benefit. Same as if you and your partner have dependent child then your spouse will be insured for specific percentage. While opting plan you can discuss all these points with your insurance company.

Hurry up! Get the AD&D coverage ; it’s for your safety.

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