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Why deductible is so important for super visa insurance?

Confusing between deductible and non deductible plans ……………?

Do not worry; we will clarify all the confusion regarding this. Deductible is a amount which you can select according to your wish and you need to pay this from your own pocket on every claim. You can select your deductible range by consulting with your insurance company as every company has different deductible range. For example you have chosen the deductible of $1200 and the claim amount is $3200 then you need to pay $1200 and rest of the amount that is $2000 that will get paid by insurer. This deductible plan helps you to save money on the total premium but the percentage of it varies in every company.

Every company provides super visa insurance by fulfilling the three basic conditions like:


This super visa insurance plan provides you the medical emergency coverage. It should be unexpected injury and must require treatment. This includes walk in clinic, hospital and visit to doctor. If you are visiting doctor which even don’t require any treatment that will not covered under plan. If you haven’t clarity then you can call to your insurance company.

Under super visa insurance you will get:

Processing time

Once you are done with the plan then you need to fill the application form. It hardly takes ten minutes to fill and when the payment gets done then company forwards email of all the documents to you within few minutes. For this required information is your birthday date, name, medical conditions, mobile number, email, payment etc.

Pre – existing condition

A pre existing condition is the condition that happens before the starting date of the plan. It is your choice whether you want coverage for pre existing conditions or not. Every company has plans with pre medical condition coverage. If you have fear that this can happen to you while your trip then it is advisable to take the plan with pre existing condition coverage. If you haven’t the coverage and somehow you get sick then you can be out of pocket as the treatment for this is, comparatively expensive in Canada. It is better to insure it in advance. Later on if you will try to get claim for non – insured pre existing condition then company will deny providing the claim.

In some cases we cancelled the trip on last moment or can cancel the insurance plan. In these cases company refund the amount after deducting their processing fee amount and other charges. This procedure also varies in companies.  Sometimes we decide to come back to our origin country before the expiry of the plan, in these cases company provides the refund on the pro rata basis. If any company hasn’t this policy then they inform it in advance. So it is your duty to check with insurance company regarding this.

Can we change the deductible amount?

This is the most common question among customers whether they can change the deductible amount or not. In most of the companies if your plan hasn’t start yet allows you to make the changes in the premium amount, deductible and duration of stay. Once the plan get started then it is quite difficult to make changes in the deductible.

Same as if your parents or grandparents wish to extend their stay in Canada then they can do so. But they need to buy the new policy at least eight days prior to the expiry of plan.

So this is the basic knowledge about deductible you must be aware about. You can select the deductible plan according to your requirement. But never forget to discuss all the benefits, rules and regulations with your insurance company. Pankaj Bhatia also provide deductible plans at discounted rates. They provide the full assistance from the beginning till end of the plan.

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