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Super Visa Insurance will never let your dreams shattered

Are you searching for Super Visa insurance plans to visit your kids or grandkids in Canada? Do you want medical coverage in Canada?

Super Visa is an option for parents and grandparents of permanent residents and Canadian citizens to visit their family in Canada. The Canadian government introduced this super visa insurance plan in December 2011. As we know, medical services are costly in Canada worldwide. So this Super Visa insurance plan helps to cover medical expenses. One of the most attractive features of this plan is it is valid for ten years, and you can stay at a time for two years without the need to renew it. It allows multi-entries into the country.

Why you need it?

As we discussed, it is challenging to bear medical expenses in Canada. Every citizen used to take health insurance plan because, without an insurance plan, it is challenging to survive over there. If you have a fever and you visit to doctor without a medical insurance plan, then it will cost you very high. Unfortunately, if any visitor met with an accident or have fever, flu or cold, then it will cost them high. And sometimes in this kind of situations a person got depressed.


Honestly speaking, then without a health insurance plan, no one can even think to have treatment in Canada. So if you wish to visit Canada, then super visa insurance is the first requirement. It helps you to roam here and there without any tension, and you can happily explore the beautiful cities of Canada. The most significant advantage of this plan is that you become eligible for side trips to other countries except the country of your origin/citizenship.

Are you eligible for it?

To meet the eligibility criteria of Super Visa insurance is very important. The primary requirement to get super visa insurance is you should be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. The second requirement applicant should have private medical insurance from a Canadian company for one year at least. And to submit the proof of the same is required to get approval.

While applying a copy of the letter of invitation from the relative, inviting you to Canada is a must. It is to ensure that what number of persons stay there. The applicant needs to provide documents stating that their children or grandchildren meet the minimum income threshold and will provide financial support during your stay in Canada.

What is the next step after applying?


Once you fulfil all the eligible criteria’s, then you need to submit application attached with the required document. After examining the Citizenship and Immigration Canada processes documents. Once it got approved by the CIC, then it is handed down to the Visa officer. Visa officer decides if he would like to have an interview with you and schedules the same. He can also ask you to undergo a medical exam before you enter Canada. The visa officer provides all the instructions on how and where the medical examination will be conducted. Once your Super Visa insurance is approved, your passport will be stamped, and after that, all the original documents will be returned. In case of refusal, it gets returned with a letter of explanation.

Benefits of Super Visa Insurance

While applying for a Super Visa insurance plan, take care that comprehensive medical insurance should be there. Remember the following points while applying:

If you need any assistance while applying for Super Visa insurance, then you can contact to Pankaj Bhatia.It is one of the leading Canadian company which provides comprehensive insurance plans to visitors who wish to visit the country. Pankaj Bhatia will help you to process your application faster and making sure there are lesser roadblocks in the approval process.

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