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Supervisa Insurance Ottawa

Super Visa Insurance Ottawa

Emergency medical insurance is among the primary condition to apply for a SuperVisa. SuperVisa allows parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents to stay with their families in Canada for two years without leaving the country.

SuperVisa medical insurance is primarily structured to cover the costs of treating unforeseen illness or accidental injuries during a stay in Canada or side trips.

SuperVisa insurance Period Duration

The Supervisa medical policy must be valid for at least one year when you submit a Super Visa application.

Required Coverage Amount

Each person must take insurance for at least $100,000 or more.

How Much Does Super Visa Insurance Cost?

When applying for Visa Insurance through Visitor Assurance, Ottawa residents can ensure that  Super Visa Insurance cost is competitive . It ensures that parents and grandparents can complete their application and have their Supervisa (PG-1) to visit Canada and enjoy the visit with their loved ones.

 Visitor Assurance offers competitive prices to our clients while ensuring excellent service and helpful assistance so that every traveller visiting their loved ones in Canada will have a safe, enjoyable, and fast travel.

Canadian Insurance Companies

Emergency Medical Insurance must be from a Canadian insurance company. A confirmation page of the policy is required as proof of purchase.

What will be Covered?



100% Refund of Premium

When Parents or Grandparents have their Supervisa declined for whatever reason, the sponsor will get a 100% refund of paid Premium. A declined letter from the Canadian immigration required to process the refund. It takes five business days to get a refund.

Proper assessment before finalizing the supervisa insurance

How can We Help?

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