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Super Visa Insurance In Brampton

If you are a Canadian resident and your parents and grandparents need to visit Canada, the super visa is one of the safest ways to ensure that their medical expenses all are covered while they travel or stay in Canada.

Pankaj Bhatia, with its vast experience in Super Visa Insurance in Brampton and insurance in other cities of Canada or insurance of all kinds, in general, they offer you the easiest and the most reliable insurance plans. Make sure that your parents and grandparents are not left in the lurch in case of bad health or any medical emergencies. They also help you for choosing the best insurance policies for your parents and/or grandparents, so that you can rest easy, prepare well for their visit, and spend quality time with your family when your parents with you in Canada.

Super Visa insurance is the best convenience for you if you are in Canada

Back in December 2011, the Canadian government launched the Super Visa program to reduce the backlog of visa applications that were continually queued existed when non-Canadian resident parents and grandparents of Canadian residents applied for a visa to visit Canada. This idea worked very well, granting 40% of the Super Visas to Indian visitors in its first batch.

The reason was very much valid is that, while a normal visa would allow the non-Canadian resident parents and grandparents of Canadian residents to only visit once per visa and stay up to six month. The Super visa allows them multiple-entries and stays for two years and also it is valid for up to ten years. At the end of the two years, you can also apply for an extension if needed, and choose between a single entry and multiple entries as your parents or grandparents need.

Their long stay in Canada also means that their medical expenses will need to be also covered. To that purpose, serves the Super Visa Insurance , as well the Canadian government prescribes a minimum coverage amount of $100,000 for a minimum span of a year.

Just a super visa makes the visit hassle free because it makes multiple entries easy for your parents and grandparents; Super Visa Insurance makes the stay easier. When you know that you have some backup plan for the situation when your loved ones face any kind of health problem while traveling or at any point in their stay in Canada, it’s a massive relief.

Pankaj Bhatia provides you more convenient and affordable Super Visa Insurance in Brampton . If you want to know more information about their insurance plan and policies visit the Pankaj Bhatia website as well.

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